SGIG Riddick

Shelton Riddick

Most Illustrious Commander-in-Chief
GIG Maurice Holland

Maurice Holland

Overseer of the Work
GIG Maurice Holland

Maurice Holland

1st Lt. Commander
gig chandler1

Sam Chandler

2nd Lt. Commander
GIG Michael Coffey

Michael Coffey

Grand Chancellor
gig wesson

Terrence Wesson

Minister of State & Grand Orator
GIG Curtis Gunn

Curtis L. Gunn

Grand Treasurer
GIG Ray Fisher

Ray T. Fisher

Grand Secretary
GIG Alton Miles

Alton Miles

Grand Prior

Willie Seward, Jr.

Grand Hospitaler
GIG Jermaine Jones

Jermaine Jones

Grand Master of Ceremonies
GIG Derek Price

Derek Price

Grand Standard Bearer
SP Eddie Cowell

Edward Cowell

Grand Engineer and Architect

Ronald Johnson

Grand Captain of the Guard

James White

Grand Sentinel

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